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Every child should grow up with a great smile, free of pain, and without fear of going to the dentist.

Your child deserves a great smile now and in the future! We understand and stress the importance of early dental visits and the establishment of good preventive habits early in life. While it is usually easy to fix your child’s cavity, it is very difficult to prevent the cavity in the first place. Our office focuses on providing the education patients and parents need for proper dental habits and preventive care. We encourage parents to take an active role in the daily oral health care of their children. With the tools and knowledge we provide as well as good early dental habits, we can work together to provide your child with the confidence and happiness that comes with a beautiful smile.

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Grand Junction's Pediatric Dentist

Our pediatric dental office is dedicated to treating children exclusively. We focus on your child having the best possible dental experience by providing a personalized, child-friendly environment. We strive to allow your child to have a lifetime of good oral health while enjoying their visits to the dentist.

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What Sets us Apart?
Compassion and understanding!

Metal Sled vs. Teeth!

As a third grader, I was hit in the mouth with a metal snow sled while sliding down the hillside. My front teeth were broken into pieces. In the months following that traumatic experience, I spent a good deal of time at the dentist's office. That trauma to my own teeth still affects me to this day and will continue to for the rest of my life. This experience has also given me a unique understanding of what a child goes through when extensive dental work is necessary at a young age.

Cavities in My Kids?

Many years later, I sat my children in the dental chair for x-rays. I was confident that with how much my wife (a dental hygienist) and I (a dentist) were brushing and flossing their teeth, there would be no cavities. Imagine my surprise when I saw several cavities on each of my oldest two children! I never expected to sit down at the chair to work on my own kids this early on.

Difficult Habit Changes

Since that time, I have continued my education in pediatrics and learned so much about children, cavities, trauma to teeth, and more. I have learned, from painstaking personal experience, the benefits of education and prevention in dentistry. I have struggled with grouchy kids throughout the difficult changes in our family's habits, and I have also seen the positive effects from these modifications. I understand the frustration of parents when their child is brought in and cavities are found. While cavity prevention is not an easy undertaking, I understand that it is not even possible for many of us without first understanding that process.

Caring for My Special Patients

My personal experiences in the dental chair as a child, my later experience carefully completing dental work on my own children, and then my struggle through the frustrations as a concerned parent have provided me with a unique understanding. Caring for my patients and their families drives me to provide the special care that I feel all children have the right to receive. My understanding and compassion for my patients and dentistry provides my office with a unique vision that truly sets us apart.

“Prevention is the Best Cure!”

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What Our Patients Say

I absolutely love this place! Every single person I’ve ever dealt with is so nice, and they are all very helpful. You can tell they truly care about the kids and the health of their teeth. My kids love it here as well! They are never ...

Alicia T.
Grand Junction, CO

The hygienists and dentists at Pediatric Dental are always so happy and they genuinely seem to love what they do. All three of my boys have been here and we love it! My youngest had to have an anesthesiologist and they really helped him, and myself, to feel more comfortable about the whole process. Thank you!

Brea B.
Grand Junction, CO

I have a 5 year old and 2 year old and they have both been treated so amazing by the staff! The doctors and specialists have always taken their time with me and explained everything with detail and compassion. Today we had to put my 5 ...

J. B., Grand Junction, CO


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