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Why Choose a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a special kind of dentist who receives extensive, additional two-year training beyond general dental school. This advanced education is specifically focused on the unique dental care needs of babies, children, and teens, since they develop differently than adults do. While any dentist can see children and even have children’s offices, specialists training sets them apart in their knowledge, experience, and focus.

It is important that parents find a good pediatric dentist to ensure that their children have a solid foundation for developing good oral habits, being comfortable in the dental office, having clean and straight teeth, and molding habits for optimal oral and overall health for the rest of their lives.

The Difference Between a Pediatric Dentist and a General Dentists

With their advanced, specialized training, pediatric dentists are trained completely different in treatment of children than general dentists. Pediatric dentists receive extensive training and education in cavity prevention, cavity treatment, trauma, child psychology, behavior management, orthodontics, interceptive orthodontics, space maintenance, sedation and hospital dentistry, infant oral health, and much more.

Pediatric dental offices are very different than general dental offices as well. To children everything in a dental office is new and scary. Our pediatric dentistry practice offers a child-friendly setting, with staff who are specially trained to keep a young person happy, calm, and comfortable throughout their visit. Many of our tools are covered or out of sight, we show what we are going to do before we do it, and make sure our patients learn to be comfortable with the dental office.

Pediatric Dentistry for All Stages of Childhood

Children go through many dental stages, each with their own unique challenges and milestones. Babies, children, and teens are very different from one another and each require a different dental care. Regular pediatric dental checkups also set the stage for great dental health into adulthood. Understanding the unique needs of children in pediatric dentistry is key to the proper development and maintenance of their oral health.

Dental Care for Babies

From a baby’s teething process within the first two years of life, to prevent treatable problems like baby bottle tooth decay, your pediatric dentist can help. We can also offer advice such as what kinds of liquids are okay before bed, or how to brush your baby’s teeth.

Dental Care for Children

Children can have many tooth-related issues, from dental-related speech problems to cavities in their primary teeth. Regular dental checkups for children are important to identify factors that may affect the development of the permanent teeth.

Dental Care for Teens

Teens often have many dental challenges, from braces, diet, brushing and flossing habits, cavities, to their wisdom teeth coming in. They may also be self-conscious about their smile with crowding or discoloration. Our pediatric dental specialists can guide your child every step of the way.

Need a Pediatric Dentist in Grand Junction?

The best way to set a healthy foundation for a child's dental development, which also affects their overall health, is to choose a pediatric dentist.

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